Radial Wavefunctions of Hydrogenic Atoms

The radial wavefunctions of the first few states of the hydrogen atom are given by

The corresponding radial probability densities are

Where n and l are quantum numbers, Z is the atomic number, and r is the radius (multiples of a0).

To graph the wavefunctions enter the parameters (i.e., n, l, Z) and hit New Plot. Up to 5 plots can be displayed at one time. The Clear button will remove all plots. To see the parameters for each plot hit the Legend on/off button. The Redraw button will refresh the graph. This is useful when the function domain (i.e., r ) has been changed. To pick off a value on the graph, move your cursor to the desired location then click and hold. To toggle between wavefunction, wavefunction, and probability density click the desired radio button.